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What Bio-Photo Therapy may do for you:

Heal Injuries Faster.
An Aid to Carpal Tunnel
Stimulates the Release of ATP
Great for Knee Injuries
Joint, Shoulder and Back Injuries
Good for Diabetic Skin Ulcers
Good for Rosacea
Helps Reduce Facial Wrinkles

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"A variety of LED units available with  
colors of Yellow Green Blue and UV, custom too."


About ten years later at the University of   Chicago, researchers discovered that the average wavelength of cell tissue in the human body ranged between 600 nanometers and 720 nm; 660 is the mid-point. So in essence, the reason a 660 nm works better than any other single frequency is because it is closer to the resonant frequency of cell tissue. The other reason is that 660 nm absorbs better in hemoglobin.


As you move toward the red end of the spectrum, the rate of cellular regeneration increased. For instance, a single frequency in the green range might affect the kidney 40 times better than a normal base-line study, whereas a red would be about 4,000 times faster.

So over the years they migrated to infrared, red and eventually the 660 nanometer wavelength because it was the fastest way to regenerate tissue. So if you have an injury you would normally recover from in ten days, you can actually recover that tissue in two days by treating it with light.

Irradiating mitochondria with red and infrared light causes them to produce cytochromes, which increases their efficiency.